We have a team of professionals to conduct investigations of all kinds for fact finding of suspicious activities

Litigation support

We can support legal firms in collecting intelligence about people, businesses, and evidence involved in their cases to increase case success rate. When preparing for prosecution or defense related to computer forensics matters, we can help to verify evidence and testify in courts or tribunals or answers questions raised by regulators.

Human resources investigation

We can assist human resources managers in mitigating, managing and avoiding employment risks through investigations on individuals concerned.

Insurance claims investigation

We can help insurance companies minimize illegitimate claims by carrying out thorough investigations on doubtful claims.

Commercial investigation

We can facilitate fair commercial activities by helping corporations identify potential liabilities and hidden business risks.

Investigation on Individual

We can defend individuals’ interests involved in various aspects such as family and matrimonial relationships, financial matters, and commercial affairs.

Government & Regulatory Compliance Review

We have worked extensively with regulators and government bodies in assisting with their enquiries into companies.  Our experts also have experience in performing compliance review assignments in relation to anti-bribery legislation (such as the USA FCPA and UK Bribery Act).

Internal Control Review

We have worked with domestic and international businesses of all sizes, and have assisted listed and private companies to review their systems, policies and procedures.

Expert Witness Reporting and Testimony

We have experience of both criminal and civil trials focusing on forensic consulting and litigation relating to financial issues.  Our specialists provide expert reports and act as expert witness in court.

Dispute Consulting and Mediation

Success is built on genuine expertise. We always propose an expert whose experience and expertise is best suited to the circumstances and requirements of the clients’ case. Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of the dispute resolution arena and act as mediators in resolving disputes.