Business Analytics

We scientifically go though company databases and unleash the company true power

Business Analytics

Business analytics empowers people in the organization to make better decisions, improve processes and achieve desired business outcomes. It brings together the best of data management, analytic methods, and the presentation of results—all in a closed-loop cycle for continuous learning and improvement.

To meet financial objectives of stake holders, we can provide business and financial analytics, retail analytics, dispute resolution, investigation and operational audit. We assist our clients maximize their investments and achieve a lasting improvements in their pursuit for common corporate goal and vision. We develop and implement practical business and technology solutions to improve our clients’ productivity, efficiency and focused on client impact. Our vision is to achieve highest client satisfaction with our implemented solutions, turning data problems into financial treasure!

Methodology & Tools

Six Sigma

Business Values


Services Offer

Retail Analytics – Same Store Sales, Conversion Rate %, Product Mix Composition, etc.
Financial Analytics – Gross margin%, Operating expense control, Pricing, etc.
Competitor Analysis – Market size, Growth, Product/Services etc.