The Webster Story

Webster is a corporate investigation and business analytics consultancy company founded in “Hub of Asia” – Hong Kong, providing intelligence and investigation services to a wide range of industries and market sectors, including financial institutions, law firms, and other global and domestic corporations. In addition, we have extensive experience and networks operating in Hong Kong, Greater China and other Asia Pacific regions and Japan. Webster consists of dedicated full-time consultants and investigations partners from diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, regulators, consulting and experienced with specialized skills to meet the needs of modern business world today and tomorrow.

Webster has recently teamed up with Verity Consulting ( and a reputable international consulting firm to provide more comprehensive services to clients. The strategic move is crucial to serve better values and response to clients and shorten investigation process with better collaboration and synergy.

Situations when you consider Webster’s services:

  • Litigation matters
  • Sharing of expertise
  • Mitigating risks for your own company and your business partners
  • To answer enquiries by law enforcement and market regulators
  • To answer enquires by compliance officers and legal counsel
  • To prove/validate suspicion of any kind

When there is a shortage of manpower, whether it is contractual, permanent or temporary, we can complement with our invaluable experience and expertise:

  • To solicit independent advice or opinions
  • To fine tune internal processes and auditing
  • To resolve availability issues
  • Outsourcing due to limited resources such as office space or expertise
  • Financial restructuring
  • Case leadership and management
  • Your need a mobilized team
  • Forensic wiping of confidential data / financial data / hard drives
  • Global network within your reach