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We are a corporate investigation and business analytics consultancy company, with an extensive network in Greater China, Japan and around Asia Pacific.





Company health matters

Business disputes, unhealthy financial records and fraudulent behaviors by just a few employees may dreaded down a business.        

Reading is Believing

Our team of bloggers share with us about what matters in Forensic Accounting, Business Analytics, Investigations as well as Computer Forensics.        

Services Overview

Forensic Accounting


Examine accounting records and accounts to probe what was truly stated and discover fraudulent records.

Business Analytics


Unleash the company true power through business data.



Our team of professionals conduct investigations of all kinds for fact finding of suspicious activities.

Computer Forensics


Examine computer records and determine what has happened using historical analysis.

Recent Cases

Insurance Claims & Fraud Investigation

An insurance company engaged our business partner to discover the degree of damage on a target, who claimed insurance for a neck injury, on suspicion of an exaggerated report of the injury.

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Background and Asset Search

A client was involved in a liquidation case as a creditor. The directors of the liquidating company claimed that none of the directors have sufficient assets to settle the court case.

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Featured Blog Articles

2nd Generation HK ID Card 第二代智能身份證 法證級防偽

雙重介面 遇入侵停功能

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New ways to combat crime in China

“Ma’s stance resonates with that of China’s ruling body, which is establishing a system to collect and parse information on citizens in a country where minimal safeguards exist for privacy. The capabilities Ma described also highlight the role that leading technology companies — including Alibaba — could play in helping build a system not unlike that of Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report,” in which an all-knowing state can stop crimes before they take place.”

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